Thursday, May 24, 2012

Three Little Birdies

And then there were three!
Little TuTu made his debut on May TuTu
to join his sibs hatchlings -  Vic and Tori.

There is still one egg - will it hatch??

The parents are kept very busy feeding
their helpless babies.

The worms are hard to find on this parched
and dry lawn and fields.

Praying for some rain!


  1. So cute...I haven't seen our mother robin in several days...and it is ever so tempting to break apart the hedge to have a peek.

  2. Hooray for those sweet baby birds. We're dry here, too...finally broke out the sprinkler. Enjoy your weekend, Rosella~

  3. They made their debut! Yay. We just had a few days of refreshing rain...and today it is sunny again.

  4. So nice that you have such a great birds eye view of all of this...

  5. They look sooo hungry! Almost makes you wish you could drop them a worm.

  6. Those are peaceful birds...You can send those my way any time.