Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring to Summer in one week!

Spring finally came
last weekend
This weekend,
Summer arrived!!!!!
Wow, what a difference a few 
nice warm days makes....

the lawn needed mowing, 
the fiddle heads began unfurling,
the back deck was converted
into the "summer" room,
the farmer is happy to be "on the land",
the trees are showing a hint of light green,
there are fragrant flowers everywhere,
the patio furniture is out!

Love this time of year.

How's your Spring Summa' going???


  1. The weather this time of year is certainly fickle, and I hope we don't get a late frost! I pulled out our patio furniture today, too. It is a busy time of year, but one I look forward too.

  2. I spoke with my parents back east today and they said it was 24 today. They haven't really had any spring, and it is summer, like at your place. That screened porch looks like a place I'd like to be on a summer afternoon.

  3. We have a gorgeous day here too! I wouldn't call it summer but definitely spring!

  4. Yes, we have all arrived...We missed Spring also...Today we have weather warnings up to 30 degrees. The air conditioning is working...but enjoy it!

  5. Things are looking lovely at your place! This weather has truly been glorious!

  6. I'm thrilled it's going to warm up again for a few days...then quite cold again for Mother's Day...ugh. Love your beautiful photos, Rosella!


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