Thursday, November 15, 2012

2 Month Anniversary!

Two months ago today,
our wee Becky married the love of her life, Patrick
It was a most wonderful time
and I can't wait to see their 
sweet faces again soon - at Christmas!

Here are a few pictures taken by friends and
family on that 
lovely day.... 
oh and three that
were released as a sneak preview from
the photographer!
I can't wait to see the rest!!

Photo by Red Umbrella Photography

Photo by Red Umbrella Photography

Photo credit - Red Umbrella Photography

Till next time ...... blessings to this happy couple.  You are in our prayers each and every day!!!
Can you believe that 2 months has already passed????


  1. your dress Rosella! I'm guessing that is you next to your daughter. We get to see our 2012 bride at Christmas or the day after, too. Fun to look forward to. Her birthday is the 27th of December so she'll be here for that, too. Your daughter looks so lovely. Ahh...weddings are so much fun.

  2. What a beautiful wedding! And you look gorgeous!!!! I love your dress, soo!

  3. Beautiful wedding photos! I love the red mustang too.

  4. Beautiful photos! You all must be excited for Christmas!!

  5. Great pics, Rosella. Give our love to Becky!

  6. The photos are so beautiful! sigh!!! May they always look back on this day with joy!

  7. Beautiful photos...we both have those memories from this summer. Aug. 18th and September 15th...Great to see these young ones moving ahead...and yet I love to preview the photos and just spend time reflecting over some of those days that that I wish would never end.