Monday, October 14, 2013

Beet Chips

This is what happens when you have
way too many beets and have a whole day
to experiment!

Yesterday at our Thanksgiving Dinner Gathering
my sister-in-law Gloria mentioned 
Beet Chips ..... what a great idea!

Here is the recipe method I used.

Thinly and evenly slice beets (a mandolin really works well here).  Toss with a couple of Tbsp. Olive Oil and seasoning (salt and pepper).

Spread slices on parchment line baking 
trays and pop into the oven at 300F or 275F convection for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Watch closely and remove when slices look dry and slightly curled.
I took mine out a bit too soon so I placed them on paper towels and left them in the warm oven for another 1/2 hour.  That seemed to do the trick!

Life truly is good and now
we have some tasty and healthy snacks!

Taste Notes - these beet chips taste intense and sweet. Just two or three of them are enough to make a satisfying snack!  Next time I would slice them even thinner so that they are more crunchy rather than chewy! This only used about 6 of my many beets - sigh!

Till next time ............ hope you had a wonderful weekend and had many things to be thankful for! I sure did.


  1. They're the prettiest chips I have ever seen!

  2. They are so pretty...and healthy, too! I just know I would like them. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Pretty....for sure! What a great idea...'chipping' the beets.

  4. Now look at those beautiful beets! What did I do wrong? I planted with such kind thoughts...and nothing happened. The second planting came up but they were so piddly too. I hoped to have a lovely cross county post to share the love!

  5. Those are so good lookin! You are crackin me up with your count down on just how few of your beets each recipe has needed! They were giving out free samples of pickled beets at Costco yesterday and I thought of you...

  6. Even though I'm not a big fan of beets, those chips look really good! I keep trying to like them... =)
    I had some canned shredded ones in a salad and they were good.

  7. Very clever - I have tried boiling, roasting and pickling beets but never drying them.

  8. I knew you'd come up with another magnificent recipe using beets! These chips look terrific...and I'm certain I could eat a lot more than 3 ;)

  9. These beet chips look very good, Rosella. I used up all my beets for pickled beets. I never seem to have enough for my family.

  10. The few times I have had beet chips I have loved them. Yours are gorgeous!
    If you really want to blow through your beers , make mini jack o lanterns out if them using a drill to hollow them out and create faces. Ha!

  11. The last time I saw all those beets you had them nicely piled up in the garden....chips on the brain. Here they are....they look so good. Wanting a bag of those chips:)

  12. At least you tried something new and had fun with it. For me that is sometimes like therapy...fresh chips with nutrition. Check the recipe for potato chips in the new book. Could they cook on parchment paper in the microwave?

  13. Hi Rosella, great photos, I love the presentations. Your header is gorgeous. Hello from Montreal.