Monday, May 28, 2012

Heritage Peonies, Poppies, and Ferns

Heritage Peonies were growing on our farm
when we moved here 30 some years ago!
Every spring when these beautiful deep burgandy
blooms appear I always remember
Mrs. Mose Gerber who lovingly planted them!
My maiden name is Gerber too though I don't
believe we were related too closely.
I know many of her Granddaughters and they
remember visiting their Grandparents right
here on this farm!
I've been moving and dividing these beautiful plants
over the years and have given some 
of these ladies pieces of their family's plants.

There is another beautiful white peony that 
blooms later in June that was also growing
here when we arrived.
The white peony is very fragrant and it
has a special place in my heart because
I used to put Becky in front of that plant
each year when it bloomed and took
the annual peony picture.
It didn't always get done and stopped
at around age 10 I think.

Another one of my favourite plants on this farm
are the giant ferns that were planted at the back
of the house.
I have moved and replanted these beauties in several 
shady areas around the yard.
They add such an elegance to the back yard.

There were only a few of these oriental poppies
when we moved here but once we found the
right spot to transplant them to,
they began to "take over"!!

Heritage perennials such as these are
some of my garden's greatest treasures!

Till next time ..... enjoying the garden!


  1. Interesting, My mom always had peonies. I never have fallen in love with them..I have gardens of Rhodos and my daughter has no special liking for them. She's seen too many and always had to clip off the old blossoms.

  2. I love Peonies. Right now I'm not sure mine is going to even have one bloom this year...sigh.

  3. I love the tradition of taking Becky's photo each year in front of the peonies! You must have a green thumb...your plantings are gorgeous! sister has a website, but she doesn't keep it up well...feel free to check it out. She sells a lot of her jewelry in Denver boutiques.