Monday, October 28, 2013

No. 5 to Win!

Have you ever been to a Thoroughbred Horse Race?
What an amazing experience!

Keeneland - Lexington, Kentucky

We went to the last race day of the season
at Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky
with our adventurous travel mates, Dave and Jan
and our dear Kentucky friends, Debi and Larry

Jan and Debi chose their horse.
No. 5 "Shun" a gorgeous 4 year old Bay gelding
based on his beauty,
the sparkle in his eyes and his tiny female jockey,
all perfectly good reasons - right?
With great confidence the
wager was made to win - not just to show or even place!
Much to our surprise No. 5 WON...... 
Who knew that a $2 bet could be such fun.
I had the good fortune of a few wins myself.
My strategy - pick horse #3 to place
it was fairly successful - what fun!

The winner -
Kentucky bred
riden by Jockey
Rosie Napravnik

Look at those happy smiles!

Debi showing her love of these beautiful creatures!

Oh, we had so much fun.
Kentucky is so beautiful and
our hosts were generous and welcoming!
We experienced Creole food, Tally Ho breakfasts,
Bread pudding with bourbon sauce,
Flourless Chocolate Cake, Pumpkin Panna Cotta,
Homemade Spinach Quiche, and much more!!!
(is that too many explanation marks?)

Jambalaya at Gumbo Ya Ya - so delicious

Beautiful Horse Farms!

Our table being prepared at Holly Hill Inn - what a treat!
If you ever get the chance to visit
Lexington, Kentucky
go for the win!!!
You won't regret it.......

Till next time ......... may your wins be blessings!


  1. When I was young, I always wanted to live in Kentucky and have horses and white fences around my property. I love your photos. How fun to visit with good friends, too.

  2. I've never been to Kentucky...from your photos and commentary, I know I'd like it! I'm drooling over all the foods you mentioned!

  3. Oh Kentucky is so green! It does sound like great fun, but the best tip I ever had was not to bet the horses! ☺ Oddly enough, I have nieces and nephews who live in Kentucky...wonder if they'd like an old auntie to show up. Keep having fun!

  4. Oh, for sure we have something else in common. We have some local friends who have had their horse race in Vancouver. And I will never forget the time we watched Crazy Coffe win a 250,000 purse. I gambled just like you...and yes, we are not gamblers, it was just cheering on our friends. We had so much fun!!! I enjoyed this post.

  5. Oh that horse farm is just beautiful. How fun to pick some winners in the races. Not too many exclamations for me. I love to exclaim! The Inn looks lovely. I really enjoy someone else preparing a table for me. Hmmm "I go to prepare a place for you" lovely thought...
    Happy Tuesday to you!

  6. Oh, what fun! Yes, I have watched a horse race on several occasions...I was with Marg when Krazy Koffee won the BC Derby. We weren't watching the race from quite such a lovely box as you have pictured though. Glad your pic was a winner. I think we were in Kentucky at the same time. So close! We saw horses running free in the fields over there. Funny thing...our KOA campground in Oklahoma (near Tulsa) was at a racetrack. We watched the riders doing practice runs.

  7. What beautiful photographs you took, Rosella! We are still talking about your visit and had as much fun as you did. Of course, this weekend the trees are beautiful around here, especially our sugar maple in the front yard. It is perfectly gold now. And last night we had trick-or-treaters at the door. Halloween's weather was way too stormy and windy so the city cancelled the trick-or-treating until the next night. We only had four little ones come to our door, so now we're stuck with Baby Ruths and Nestle's Crunch bars galore. There go my thighs...Ha ha. Hope your long, long drive is going well. In two weeks, Larry and I are going down to Asheville, North Carolina. The Biltmore "castle" is there. Have you ever seen it? That is a definite MUST for your to-do list if you haven't. Also, Asheville is just a lovely town full of artists and delicious food. I think that the next time you come to Kentucky, we should all hop in that RV and head to Asheville. Ha ha! Have fun and be safe...Love, D.

  8. Such fun! Gorgeous scenery, amazing food and good friends...what could be better? You were only one state away from me...we live just north of Kentucky in Indiana...but I'm sad to say, I've never been to the Derby or any horse races down there. Maybe one day...

  9. Love that shot of the farm and the colorful gourds and someone preparing your table! The food sounds delicious too!

  10. What a great trip. Love the pics. Along with your description they make me want to head to Kentucky right now! ;)